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About Hats by Oli

Our band appliqués are handmade by threads that are weaved one by one by artisan’s hands achieving the perfect style to blend with our hats. Being 100% handmade, they are carefully placed on the base of the hat’s crown, providing a distinctive touch that has earned them a place in the preferences among international consumers.

HATS BY OLI a line of hats decorated to fit your lifestyle to be used at any moment of the day and on any event.




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To take Mexican culture to the entire world by means of handcrafts showcasing exclusive and colorful designs meeting the highest quality standards through constant product innovation in our product design as well as the pursuit of complete customer satisfaction.


To be a transnational company with a solid business model creating exclusive hats which suit your personality, so you are able to identify with each of them, making hats an essential accessory for each season while providing a business opportunity for entrepreneur Mexican women through a unique experience provided on each of our platforms which serve as sales points.

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