The manufacturing of our products is an art in itself.

Zinacantán is a municipality in the state of Chiapas, located in the region of “los altos”. Beautiful chiapaneco where humble and hardworking people live, great artisans that with their hands transform thread into works of art, be it with a waist loom, or magical hand-woven bands used to decorate our hats. In HATS BY OLI we are proud to count with these invaluable artisans, such as Petrona Vazquez who by providing us with her amazing work helps us export beautiful artisanal Mexican hats to the world.

J A R Á C U A R O 


Artistic and artisanal village!


Jarácuaro with its vast cultural diversity which has transcended for over three decades both nationally and internationally thanks to their Purépecha natives, artisans dedicated to the production of hats made from Royal Palm and its derivates, which are nowadays work source for their daily income in partnership with Hats by Oli creating beautiful hats to provide the world with a touch of elegance, and varied designs to don on any occasion.